Malga Fane

The Malga Fane is located high up in the Valles Valley and offers residential huts, hay barns, a little church and three alpine huts that serve food and drink.
In medieval times while the plague raged, people sought refuge in the upper valley.
Once the plague was over, the people returned to their settlements in the valley but the mountain village of Malga Fane persisted until today.
Today it is a popular excursion destination which is accessible by multiple routes.

Filming location Malga Fane

Also film-makers discovered our beautiful alpine village quite some time ago.
In 1933, director Werner Asam opted for the Fane Alm as shooting location of film drama “Der Judas von Tirol”.
Probably the Alps’ most popular TV doctor, Bergdoktor Martin Gruber, used the Malga Fane in March 2014 as filming location for the 90-minute winter special entitled “Schuld”.